Ad Pricing

Muzo Radio Podcast is here to assist you in meeting your needs when it comes to marketing, event hosting, branding, and getting results through our internet based radio station, digital network, and events.

Advertisers can increase reach and frequency by exposing messages to an engaged audience that has immediate access to online storefronts via synched web advertising block ads on desktop and mobile.

  • Sizing of ad blocks
    2 x 2 ¼ inch  $350 a month2 x 1 ½ inch $250 a month2 x ¾ inch $175 a month
  • :30 and :60 commercials during the week Commercials
    Sponsor: $175 per week during 2 hours’ program includes:

    • Title credits at beginning and end of show
      Your commercial content up to 10 minutes within the hour
    • Exclusive Sponsor: $350 per week during 2 hours’ program includes:
    • Length :15, :30, and :60 (:60 are encouraged to use copy points with a more aggressive call to action to promote online engagement)
      • Cost per ad: $10 :15  /    $25 :30  /  $45 :60
    • Specified (during a program of your choice) and ROS (run of the station)

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