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 Quote “Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca  

J.R. The Great aka A.G. is a native of Dayton, Ohio. Graduated from Central State University class of 2005, received a Bachelor degree with honors in Advertising and Graphics, also holds the title as the First Mr. Central State University. He believes that leaving a legacy is important to empower those that come behind him to dream and achieve. With a goal to be unique and creative as possible in all facets of life, in college J.R. teamed up with his fraternity brothers and hosted a radio podcast called The Kitchen Radio, he then started a graphics company called “Allgood Creations,” and published a book called Hiccups “We all have them,” in August 2016.  That same year he moved to Columbus Ohio where he became a Restorative Justice Coordinator in the Charter schools and collaborated with D The Prophet to bring you Blended Views 614 and much more! With many years of outreach and building platforms for his community J.R. is absolutely grateful and excited about what’s to come. “This is just the beginning; I am confident that my purpose is to Inspire Before I Expire!” In his spare time J.R. enjoys family and friends, hosting events, writing, creating dope graphic designs, sports, intramurals, being positive, and giving thanks to the All Mighty!

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